Beijing to open 3 more metdisney magic band costro lines in 2019

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A passenger scans a QR code to enter Beijing subway Line 5 in April. [Photo by ZHAO NAIMING/FOR CHINA DAILY]

BEIJING -- Three more urban rail sections will be put into service in Beijing this year, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport announced Friday.

With commissioning of the subway line link to the city"s new airport, the eastern extension of the existing Line 7 and Batong Line, the total length of metro rails in operation in the Chinese national capital will reach 699.3 km by the end of the year, comparing to 636.9 km at the present, according to the commission.

This year, Beijing will also work on the construction of 14 other metro lines or sections, with the length totaling 252.3 kilometers.

Beijing has 22 metro lines now, with three newly opened in 2018.

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